Why Aren’t You Using an AI Content Writer?

28 April 2022 0 Comments

Why Aren’t You Using an AI Content Writer?

In the world of internet marketing, one can find many content strategies and methods that promise to make you rich. However, as with all things, not all of these make any money making promises. One content strategy that has made a lot of money is that of writing and publishing short informational pieces using artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence being a computer program that learns from data and acts accordingly). These pieces are commonly used by marketers and website owners as well as website and blog editors in order to increase the readership of their websites as well as to generate traffic for them.

Artificial intelligent software called a “robot” or “computer” can do this with such ease that most people hardly give it a chance to act on its own. AI content writing software is programmed to make sense of whatever it is told, to analyze it based on the given context, and then to write relevant articles, posts and press releases. There are already many examples of such software out there in the market. Some are better than others, however. Some of these, like the Google news reader, are extremely good while some are less than satisfactory.
One thing about such robots or artificial intelligence, however, is that they are not human writers. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is. Take for instance the news reader that Google’s self-driving program, Google News, uses. The way these work is that it takes feeds of various sources and analyzes the best ones so that it can provide a unique news article or the latest news stories. But because it is not a real person reading your article, what makes it a great piece of content for humans?

First, it does not copy and paste. It utilizes sophisticated algorithms in order to analyze different sources and come up with the piece that best suits the needs of readers. This means that although an air content marketing system can come up with articles that are grammatically correct and completely unique, it cannot do much to the extent that humans can.

This does not mean however that this particular type of technology is totally useless for marketers. In fact, the use of such a system has been found to be very useful by content creation marketers. The reason for this is that it allows marketers to spend more time fine tuning each article and create the perfect, most compelling copy that will attract readers to take action. By doing this, marketers are able to give their audience the best experience possible.

As it is, content marketing is an evergreen strategy that has worked for many internet marketers in the past. In the early days of online marketing, content marketing meant using SEO and keyword phrases in your articles to drive as much traffic as you possibly could to websites owned by affiliate marketers themselves. Bill Slawski, co-founded Search Engine Supercharged, a company that provides SEO services, has used an AI Content Writer to help him target specific keywords and create articles that he believes to be just what his clients want.
Today however, content marketers have more options when it comes to creating content. With the advent of technologies like Google’s artificial intelligence, the possibilities are only growing. This means that it is possible for content marketers to create SEO rich articles and make them rank highly in the search engines. If they do this successfully, the number of visitors they send to a site will go up as well. In fact, many content marketers claim that with using eye, their business has gone from strength to strength.

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When using an AI Content Writer, or an AI bot quill, there is no loss of human touch involved. Unlike the way things used to be when computers first started being used, today’s computers are good enough to write a decent book, compose search engine friendly articles and even complete web contents. Even better is that there is no limit to what they can do. With an artificial intelligence bot quill, content marketers can go beyond what they can do by themselves.

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